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Direct2Drive.com – The Second Largest Digital Distribution Store

Direct2drive is leading digital download store for PC and Mac games, where you can download, play or shop for your favorite games. Direct2drive lets you shop for the latest releases, classic or indie games without any shopping charges. It has one of the largest PC game libraries and a huge catalog of all classic and indie game titles.

Direct2Drive enables the gamers to instantly download directly to their hard drives. Direct2Drive games don’t require additional software to run, making for a seamless purchase and play experience. It also has PC games in many different genres like action, adventure, babes, casual, classic etc , which helps you to choose your favorite game instantly. The Mac games are also listed under various genres 6 categories such as action, adventure, indie, role-playing, simulation and strategy.  There is a New Release and Coming Soon section, which helps you to check out for newly released games and soon to be released games.  Apart from genre, the games are also sorted by Release Date, Platform, IGN Rating, User ratings, Publisher, Developer, Country Availability and ESRB rating.

There are many game deals available like bundle deals, On sale this week and Games under $10 deals, which is a value for money  for each dollar you spent at Direct2drive.The game extras give guides for each game, which you can download and there is also a special section for babe games under Game Extras. You can also play online games in direct2drive. You can purchase games online through the shopping cart. The search feature helps you search for any titles on the basis of game title, genres, publisher etc.

Direct2drive serve the Europe, UK and the USA market. You can also contact the developer of the games, in case you have some queries or suggestions. Direct2drive has a supportive customer care which answers any queries or sort out any problems pertaining to account, billing, installation etc. The support center has a virtual agent, which is a 24X7 automated customer service agent for answering any support questions in Direct2drive. The FAQ section helps you to get answers to all queries. There are also game patches available for digital download games. However, there are some games which offers patch for cd-rom version as well.

The lesson here is that video game companies must be sure that they don’t employ DRM technologies that are so restrictive that they end up alienating the very consumers upon which their businesses depend. While doing away with DRM protection entirely may not make sense for the video game industry, keeping consumers satisfied must be prioritized above and beyond keeping pirates at bay. Otherwise, once-loyal customers may end up joining the pirates in droves.