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Direct2Drive.com – The Second Largest Digital Distribution Store

Direct2drive is leading digital download store for PC and Mac games, where you can download, play or shop for your favorite games. Direct2drive lets you shop for the latest releases, classic or indie games without any shopping charges. It has one of the largest PC game libraries and a huge catalog of all classic and indie game titles.

Direct2Drive enables the gamers to instantly download directly to their hard drives. Direct2Drive games don’t require additional software to run, making for a seamless purchase and play experience. It also has PC games in many different genres like action, adventure, babes, casual, classic etc , which helps you to choose your favorite game instantly. The Mac games are also listed under various genres 6 categories such as action, adventure, indie, role-playing, simulation and strategy.  There is a New Release and Coming Soon section, which helps you to check out for newly released games and soon to be released games.  Apart from genre, the games are also sorted by Release Date, Platform, IGN Rating, User ratings, Publisher, Developer, Country Availability and ESRB rating.

There are many game deals available like bundle deals, On sale this week and Games under $10 deals, which is a value for money  for each dollar you spent at Direct2drive.The game extras give guides for each game, which you can download and there is also a special section for babe games under Game Extras. You can also play online games in direct2drive. You can purchase games online through the shopping cart. The search feature helps you search for any titles on the basis of game title, genres, publisher etc.

Direct2drive serve the Europe, UK and the USA market. You can also contact the developer of the games, in case you have some queries or suggestions. Direct2drive has a supportive customer care which answers any queries or sort out any problems pertaining to account, billing, installation etc. The support center has a virtual agent, which is a 24X7 automated customer service agent for answering any support questions in Direct2drive. The FAQ section helps you to get answers to all queries. There are also game patches available for digital download games. However, there are some games which offers patch for cd-rom version as well.

The lesson here is that video game companies must be sure that they don’t employ DRM technologies that are so restrictive that they end up alienating the very consumers upon which their businesses depend. While doing away with DRM protection entirely may not make sense for the video game industry, keeping consumers satisfied must be prioritized above and beyond keeping pirates at bay. Otherwise, once-loyal customers may end up joining the pirates in droves.

How Digital Distribution Changed the Music Business

Digital distribution brought about radical and unprecedented changes in the music industry. It gave the industry a new dimension, a higher pedestal undated in the history of music.

From a time where records were the only source for music, to a time where tiny portable gadgets like mobile phone became the norm of the day, music has gone all the way from being secluded within a community or a nation and has crossed boundaries and all realms of enjoyment. The industry achieved a facelift with the advent of digital distribution. Now music is in the air wherever you go.

With this new technology of digital distribution, music could be ripped and compressed and sent over a network. This created a lot of audience for music even for unfamiliar languages. Music got lot of exposure in the digital world. The big danger of this technology was laid in the fact that it became advantageous to the end user, and saw the creators running helter- skelter for saving copy rights and their money. It paved way for newer innovations. Paradigms shift in business happened, new models emerged.

The frame work of music got entirely reversed. The musicians began promoting their music live, music labels encouraged musicians to open their own downloading stores. Earlier they had to depend on sales of record labels. Now release and sale of an album no longer lies in the hands of a label as artists can put out their albums with least upfront investment. Artists can directly market and promote their products. The musicians can make their own ecosystem, the fan followers. They will be directly related to their fans circle and will have a long standing relation with them. Artists remain no longer employees of any record labels; rather they have become a part of an online distribution chain. They can sell their music immediately without the backing of a record label.

The music business is transformed in to a service business. Music industry will longer sell service; rather it has allied with distribution service in the circulation of music through World Wide Web. Digital channel is cost effective to both the producer and the consumer, selling of Cds is no longer necessary and the path through which music reaches the end user is shortened. Online distributing sites acquire the right to distribute from sources, they are then sold via internet and consumer buys it online. It has transformed the functions of music business to simpler and easier way.

Ultimately the entire structure of the industry is moving towards a more artist and consumer friendly direction. It is no longer the monopoly of the record labels. And moreover there are options for consumers for choosing singles rather than buying the entire album containing 10 to 12 songs. Music has now become a digital asset for the producers, in digital format it can be replicated and redistributed any number of times without incurring any costs

Steam is the one of the best online game platforms

www.steampowered.com is the one of the best online game platform. It can be used to access over 1,100 games, which are available to purchase, download, and play from any computer. It also has new releases, indie hits, and casual favorites. Steam has many different features like the Steam Community, Automatic Update, Special offers etc , that helps a gamer to enjoy his game to the hilt.

The steam community feature helps to find someone to play with, meet up with friends, connect with groups of similar interests, and host and join chats, matches, and tournaments. There is also feature to chat online with friends or join the same games together. The steam community has people who play all sorts of PC and MAC games.

The Login feature helps you to login to your account and maintains security and privacy. The Automatic update feature helps to look for patches and download from unorganized web sites. Hence, on Steam, the games stay up-to-date by themselves.

The News section gives information about all the new games that are uploaded and regarding the updates that are released, so that you can stay up to date in your gaming world. It also gives information about new deals and offers. Steam gives many such special offers like pre-release discounts to free-play weekends, which is of great value to the gamers. The News section has an archive, where you can get all past info about games and releases.

Steam can be installed in your computer if you have Windows XP or above operating system, 521 MB RAM and 1 Ghz or faster processor. A two button mouse, 1 GB HD Space and broadband internet connection is recommended strongly. The games in steam can be played in a Mac as well.  Games can be downloaded to a Mac and can be played against other players in multiplayer games. You would need an Intel Mac, OS X version Leopard 10.5.8 or Snow Leopard 10.6.3 or later for this.

In the store, the games are listed under various genres like action, adventure, strategy etc, which helps you pick a game of your choice easily. There is also a featured game section and a recommended for you section, which again makes your life easier. There are many different kinds of games to choose from a list of single-player, multi player and co-op games. You can also watch free demos of games before making a decision to buy. The search the store feature helps you to search any games with a click of a button.

Steam also has an online user’s forum, where you can get connected with fellow gamers and get your queries answered. You can also get helps and tips, suggestion and ideas to improve your gaming skill. There are many different discussion topic from general ones to more specific game related ones which you can discuss online.

Steam also gives online support if there is a problem related to a game or any of the steam service like account billing, log-in, security, troubleshooting or How-To’s.

The History of Digital Distribution

 Digital distribution does not have a very long history. In-fact it began proliferating in the late 1990s and began anchoring its roots first in the music industry. With the popularity of internet, users began to seek out methods to share content online. Advent of file sharing software was a new turning point which catapulted its development and henceforth digital download of music and videos was easily made possible. Unauthorized file sharing was a phenomenon that paved way to its development. The entire system was a clear malpractice as copyrighted content outside the realm of free usage also was circulating in abundance. This system involves digital downloading of compressed files containing music, cinema or video games from internet in to the PC. These files can then be stored in the Pc or on a CD.

Over the past five years digital distribution has developed into a new communication service that has set platform for downloading digital files into any computing device enabling users to buy music  online, store them in to the PC or CD, manage, and play music  files, and also to copy, share, redistribute, and to modify them. The digital distribution of movies, video games and e-books followed suit, but much later, video games are keeping pace with this development now.

We can trace back the development of digital distribution to the gaining popularity of P2P networks. As a result of which a digital music value chain began taking shape that comprised of file sharing software, PCs, connectivity to Internet, MP3 players, and juke box software along with a vast community of users who provide and use this digital content.

Due to advancement of audio compression technology, music files were able to be effectively downloaded. The end result was formation of File sharing communities that gained advantage from high speed internet connectivity, huge data storage capabilities of PCs & back up devices and powerful processing technology that allowed ripping and burning of CDs leading to vigorous growth of this phenomenon. Downloading sites like MP3.com allowed upload of ripped music files and easy download of such files by end users. As the community grew this system became less viable and soon a new software known as Napster was introduced by Shawn Fanning in late 1999. It marked a new era that circumvent all the previous shortcomings. This new P2P software enabled users to exchange data directly between their PCs without the need of an intermediary. It provided quick and easy accessibility to music stored on user’s PC. This mode of data exchange soon paved way for unfair practice.

As it gained access to unauthorized files and violated copyrights, RIAA intervened and held these websites responsible for piracy and Napster along with MP3 websites were closed down. As a result authorized services, some that are centered on devices and others around certain software emerged. The device centric service model became exclusive domain of Apples iTunes Music Store (iTMS) and music supported by Windows Media Player (WMP) sold through online music stores laid the development of software enabled service.

Apple iTunes is the most popular online music and movie store. Being the number one online music vendor, it holds 80% market share in US alone and 70% of world wide digital music sales. By 2010 it has sold over 10 billion songs. Similarly computer game downloading sites like Steam and E-book digital distributers like Kindle has already gained leverage in the market. Steam provides over 1000 video games to choose from that can be directly downloaded in to you PC at an affordable price. Amazon’s Kindle e-book readers have given reading a new dimension. It’s a portable e-book reader developed by Amazon and allows the user to purchase, download and read e-books, magazines and news papers.